Testing Aerospace and Satellite Applications and Communications Systems

Aukua MGA2510

Ethernet is increasingly being used in the aerospace and satcom markets due to its high scalability, redundancy, lower cost, and open standards based technology. Additionally, recent enhancements from a set of IEEE standards called Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) or with Time-Triggered Ethernet (TTE) from SAE AS6802, further enable Ethernet to be used in time-critical applications where low-latency, security and safety are paramount. And Ethernet is also being successfully leveraged in commercial aviation to enable new higher-bandwidth hungry infotainment services.

Aukua's unique test and troubleshooting capabilities help our customers characterize and optimize the performance and resilience of their safety-critical avionic systems as well as infotainment solutions. Our customers get to market faster with more competitive products, all while reducing risk.

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Real-world Performance Testing, Packet Capture and Troubleshooting

The Aukua MGA2510 is a powerful and flexible 3-in-1 Ethernet test solution supporting:  1) traffic generation for bandwidth performance and latency characterization.  2) inline capture and traffic analysis for troubleshooting.  3) network impairment emulation for real-world performance testing and negative functional testing.

Download the "Testing Communication Systems In Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)" Application Note to learn how our Network Impairment Emulators reduce risk and increase performance and stability.
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Traffic Generator

Verify throughput performance, accurately measure one-way or two-way latency, or conduct real-time Bit Error Rate (BER) testing to prove system integrity. The traffic generator also has unique support for proprietary protocols, and a powerful PCAP Player.

Network Impairment Emulator

Repeatable and programmable "real-world" testing in the lab insert delay, limit bandwidth, or introduce impairment conditions for negative functional testing, to efficiently reproduce customer found problems, or for realistic performance testing.

Inline Capture and Analyzer

Transparently sit inline between systems under test to capture packets with nanosecond precision timestamps. Monitor traffic in real-time, and gain visibility to quickly troubleshoot hard to find problems. Perform event timing correlation and analysis.

Example Aerospace and Satellite Communications Network
The above diagram shows an example Aerospace and Satellite Communications Network.
While below is an illustration showing how the Aukua MGA2510 enables 'real-world' testing of the same systems, applications and services in the lab with a more repeatable, flexible and comprehensive methodology.

Aerospace and Satellite Communications Network

Solution Highlights

  • Perform interoperability, performance and functional testing of new TSN and TTE Ethernet products
  • Accurately bring real-world latency and congestion to your lab
  • Optimize your applications and networks to operate under high latency and low bandwidth scenarios
  • Mitigate risk and deliver more robust solutions
  • Conduct realistic rapid prototyping experiments to deliver innovative solutions faster
  • Gain better visibility and more effective troubleshooting with advanced Layer 1 and Layer 2+capture tools
Aukua MGA2510 - Complete 3 in 1 Ethernet Test System

Aukua MGA2510 - Industry Unique 3 in 1 Ethernet Test System

Comprehensive interface support includes single twisted pair Ethernet for aerospace, automotive and industrial applications (IEEE 802.3bw, 802.3bp and 802.3ch)