Test and Optimize Military and Defense Communications Systems

Aukua MGA2510

Defense and military organizations understand that modern information technology and network communication systems are critical to achieving operational objectives. They create tactical advantage by enabling effective command and control through enhanced real-time situational awareness. This need for reliable, high performing communication systems is not limited to front line battlefield operations, but also extends into other key areas such as facility security, managing environmental systems, military logistics systems, and much more.

Military tactical networks are complex, rapidly evolving and heterogeneous, comprising of many technologies and systems including LEO satellite constellations, 4G/5G mobile networks, line-of-site airborne systems, and many vehicle mounted or hand held radios, phones and tablet devices.

In mission-critical situations where lives are at stake, it is of paramount importance that communications are reliable and secure, even under extreme network conditions with large latency, low bandwidth and sometimes intermittent connections. Aukua's MGA2510 helps verify performance and reliability of these systems.

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Real-world Performance Testing: Validate, Characterize, Capture and Troubleshoot

The Aukua MGA2510 is a powerful and flexible 3-in-1 Ethernet test solution supporting:  1) traffic generation for bandwidth performance and latency characterization.  2) inline capture and traffic analysis for troubleshooting.  3) network impairment emulation for real-world performance testing and negative functional testing.

Download the "Testing Communication Systems In Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)" Application Note to learn how our Network Impairment Emulators reduce risk and increase performance and stability.
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Traffic Generator

Verify throughput performance, accurately measure one-way or two-way latency, or conduct real-time Bit Error Rate (BER) testing to prove system integrity. The traffic generator also has unique support for proprietary protocols, and a powerful PCAP Player.

Network Impairment Emulator

Repeatable and programmable "real-world" testing in the lab. Insert delay, limit bandwidth, or introduce impairment conditions for negative functional testing, to efficiently reproduce customer found problems, or for realistic performance testing.

Inline Capture and Analyzer

Transparently sit inline between systems under test to capture packets with nanosecond precision timestamps. Monitor traffic in real-time, and gain visibility to quickly troubleshoot hard to find problems. Perform event timing correlation and analysis.

Example Military Tactical Network
Example Military Tactical Network

Illustration showing a complex Heterogenous Mesh Network leveraging LEO space to ground, air to air and ground to air line-of-site, 4G LTE and 5G mobile technologies working together. Each network path has unique delays and available bandwidth. In operational battlefield environments these network paths often experience intermittent stability and congestion issues due to inclement weather, spectrum competition, intentional jamming, equipment failures, and other reasons.

Solution Highlights

  • Perform interoperability, performance and functional testing
  • Accurately bring the real-world to your lab - dynamic, non-ideal scenarios found in tactical military environments
  • Optimize your applications and networks to operate under high latency and low bandwidth scenarios
  • Mitigate risk and deliver more robust solutions giving front line users more confidence
  • Conduct realistic rapid prototyping experiments to deliver solutions faster
  • Gain better visibility and more effective troubleshooting with advanced capture tools
Aukua MGA2510 - Complete 3 in 1 Ethernet Test System Aukua MGA2510 - Industry Unique 3 in 1 Ethernet Test System
Hardware-based architecture enables testing products that support IEEE Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) or Time-Triggered Ethernet (TTE) from SAE AS6802

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