Enterprise Data Center & Storage Testing/Visibility

Enterprise businesses rely more than ever on networked applications for internal or external collaboration, delivering end-customer services, monitoring remote sensor data in realtime, accessing storage data or leveraging cloud based computing power. These business and mission critical applications are constantly growing and evolving. IT organization are tasked with the reliable operation of these applications and the security of their data. This can be a daunting and costly challenge for any organization. Fortunately Aukua's Ethernet and Fibre Channel visibility and test solutions can help.

With Aukua's Ethernet Network Impairment Emulators and Fibre Channel SAN Distance Emulators, you can accurately prove an applications' performance under virtually any real-world network delay, bandwidth or impaired conditions before deploying a new cloud based service, or migrating or relocating a data center. By proving end-user experience before you deploy, you prevent expensive downtime, ensure customer satisfaction, and eliminate overinvestment in SLAs with unnecessary bandwidth or latency criteria, ultimately reducing both project and on-going operational costs.

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Real-world application testing, packet capture and visibility solution in one!

Aukua's MGA2510 and XGA4250 are versatile solutions our Enterprise customers rely on for real-world application performance testing, or as a comprehensive in-band or out-of-band packet capture and latency analyzer tools.

Download the "Bullet-proof Fibre Channel Remote Replication Solutions" Application Note to learn how our Network Impairment Emulators are used to test your Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) plans.
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Network Impairment Emulator

Application performance testing under real-world bandwidth, delay and impairment conditions. Prove performance before deploying in the cloud or a data center migration. Ethernet and Fibre Channel supported.

Packet Capture and Analyzer

Transparently sit inline to capture packets, monitor traffic in real-time, capture and troubleshoot hard to find problems. Perform event timing correlation and analysis.

Application Latency Analyzer

Analyze the latency caused by network security devices and experienced by business critical applications. Monitor network bandwidth conditions in realtime.

Example showing Aukua MGA2510 Network Emulation Solution Example application performance testing before a data center migration with Aukua's Network Impairment Emulator

Solution Highlights

  • Verify application performance against real-world network delay, bandwidth, and congestion scenarios
  • Predict end user experience before deploying a new cloud based service
  • Capture packets with advanced filtering and triggering for troubleshooting intermittent network issues
  • Prove throughput performance before migrating or relocating a data center
  • Directly measure and analyze the latency application packets are experiencing through advanced security devices
  • Demonstrate storage system performance using Fibre Channel accross WAN distances in the lab