Service Providers

Service providers face the challenge of needing to continuously evolve and modernize their internet, video, cloud or mobile services to stay competitive and grow their subscriber base. From proof of concept testing, to vendor evaluation for selection, to post-deployment troubleshooting, Aukua can help!

Learn how Aukua’s test and visibility solutions help accelerate time-to-market, improve end-customer experience all while reducing risk and costs.

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Testing Service Provider Networks and Services

We help accelerate time-to-market, improve customer experience, reduce risk and cost

Aukua offers unique 3-in-1 Ethernet Packet Capture, Protocol Analyzer, Network Impairment Emulator and Traffic Generator test and visibility solutions.

Business Services

Introduce new SD-WAN, 5G, cloud services faster and with more confidence. Leverage real-world testing that accelerates proof-of-concept efforts, enables right-sizing solution architectures to lower costs, while meeting customer's changing demands.

5G Open RAN

Ensure a more robust and higher performing network. Test and characterize performance limits of the eCPRI or Radio over Ethernet (RoE) fronthaul under real-world latency and impairment conditions. Learn more here.


Migrate applications to the cloud with confidence. Predict and demonstrate the impact of limited bandwidth and latency on business applications before you deploy. Tune remotely-hosted applications for optimum performance.

Satellite Networks

Measure bandwidth and latency of a satellite network, and reproduce the same conditions in the lab to empirically and cost effectively prove application or video service quality, and end-user experience will meet customer expectations.

Voice / Video

Test delivering voice and video services over data networks. Predict user-experience under ideal to worst case real-world network conditions. Confidently define maximum latency and minimum bandwidth network architecture limits.

Time Sensitive Networks

Characterize TSN solution resilience against real-world delay, PDV jitter, and other impairment conditions. Measure latency, and capture packets including preamble data with nanosecond precision for easier and more effective troubleshooting.

Vendor Selection

Include real-world delay and impairment conditions during performance and functional testing to save time and build confidence. In addition, precisely measure latency and throughput performance, to maximize competitiveness.


Troubleshooting made easier with better in-line visibility. Speed up troubleshooting efforts with line rate capture and nanosecond precision timestamping for time-correlated analysis.

Aukua XGA4250 and MGA2510 - Complete 3-in-1 Ethernet Test and Visibility Systems

Industry Unique 3-in-1 Ethernet Test and Visibility Systems

Comprehensive solutions enabling real-world Proof of Concept to Performance testing

Network Impairment Emulator

Repeatable and programmable "real-world" testing in the lab insert delay, limit bandwidth, or introduce network impairment conditions for negative functional testing, to efficiently reproduce customer found problems, or for realistic performance testing. Ethernet and Fibre Channel supported.

Inline Capture and Analyzer

Transparently sit inline between systems under test to capture packets with nanosecond precision timestamps. Monitor traffic in real-time, and gain visibility to quickly troubleshoot hard to find problems. Perform event timing correlation and analysis.

Traffic Generator

Verify throughput performance, accurately measure one-way or two-way latency, or conduct real-time Bit Error Rate (BER) testing to prove system integrity. The traffic generator also has unique support for proprietary protocols, and a powerful PCAP Player.